Cup Lock System

Adjustable Base Jack 760 mm, 600 mm
Universal Jack 760mm , 600 mm
U Head Jack
  • 150*150*50*760 mm
  • 170*150*50*760 mm
  • 100*100*50*760 mm
Fork Head 760 mm, 600 mm
1) Cuplock Standard 3 Mtr
2) Cuplock Standard 2.5 Mtr
3) Cuplock Standard 2.3 Mtr
4) Cuplock Standard 2 Mtr
5) Cuplock Standard 1.8 Mtr
6) Cuplock Standard 1.5 Mtr
7) Cuplock Standard 1 Mtr

The Standard is the vertical member of the scaffold with a spigot (either round or box type) at one end for accurate alignment. A series of “V” locating lugs are welded on the tube for the attachment of ledgers, transoms and auxiliary components. Open ended standards and loose spigots are also available.

1) Cuplock Ledger 2.5 Mtr
2) Cuplock Ledger 1.8 Mtr
3) Cuplock Ledger 1.6 Mtr
4) Cuplock Ledger 1.3 Mtr
5) Cuplock Ledger 1.2 Mtr
6) Cuplock Ledger 1 Mtr
7) Cuplock Ledger 0.9 Mtr
8) Cuplock Ledger 0.6 Mtr
The Ledger is used to connect the standard in a longitudinal direction. It is made from scaffold tube with wedge “Banana type” fixing at each end which fits in the “V” locating lugs on the standard. The ledger is also used as a guardrail.
Drop Head & Socket adaptor

It comprises of a primary head that remains in contact with the concrete slab and a secondary head which permits early striking. The smoothly operated drop heads fits on the scaffolding and enables the removal of infills and beams in just 3 to 4 days of pouring, keeping the support intact.
Decking Beam
1 Decking Beam 2.5 Mtr
2 Decking Beam 1.8 Mtr
3 Decking Beam 1.2 Mtr
Decking Beams are fabricated from high quality steel. They are light weight and include a 100mm top flange. The ends are provided with heavy duty pressings to ensure on-site protection from damage. A tongue location has been provided for seating the drop head.
Infill Beam
1 Infill Beam 1.7 Mtr
2 Infill Beam 1.5 Mtr
3 Infill Beam 1.2 Mtr
6 Infill Beam 0.9 Mtr
7 Infill Beam 0.8 Mtr
8 Infill Beam 0.5 Mtr
Infill Beams provide skeletal support for plywood decking and are used in conjunction with decking beams. They are available in various lengths.
1 Transom 2.5 Mtr
2 Transom 1.8 Mtr
3 Transom 1.3 Mtr
4 Transom 1.2 Mtr
Transom is either made of back to back angles or T-shaped with same fixing device on each end as the ledger. They are used to carry 3 to 5 numbers of steel or timber battens and toe board.
Beam Bracket

Beam Brackets are made from 48.3mm diameter high grade steel tube and are used to provide support to beam formwork from also support standards with provision for accepting jacks or fork heads. It has a safe load carrying capacity of 1500kgs. The beam bracket distributes the load throughout the surrounding cuplock system structure, thus reducing excessive strain an all components.

Used when support on the base slab is not possible specially when you drop beams around the perimeter of the buildings need to be supported and the earth around the building is not leveled / compacted and in most cases from the first floor onwards to either support the drop beams or as access for the working personnel.
Spigot Connector

Standards are connected end to end by an internal Spigot. A bolt is used to connect to the lower Standard,