Access Scaffolding

H- Frame with Ladder

A very versatile access system, the Half Ladder Frame, made of 48mm steel tubes, provides economical solutions to a host of access requirements. With no loose fittings they are simple to erect & dismantle.

The dimensions are as follows: 2.0m High x 1.0m Wide

They are placed 3.0m / 2.75m / 2.5m apart horizontally and the cross braces along with a horizontal brace are fixed ensuring a sturdy working platform.

It must be ensured that the base of the scaffold is level and that the frames are erected plumb. The system must be tied back to the building for safety & stability and in instances where the application is on buildings higher than 20m the base of the system need to be tied together.

The Cross & Horizontal Braces are made of 27mm Dia. tube and the length determines the bay sizes of 3.0m, 2.75m or 2.5m.